Employee Retention Credit Evaluation

Claim major tax savings and recoup your COVID-19 losses

Begin the process by answering a few simple questions below 
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Our Process

Step 1: Answer the questionnaire.

$250 evaluation fee (per childcare center) applies to determine if you qualify for the Employee Retention Credit.

If you DON'T qualify we will inform you within 14 days of submission.
If you DO qualify we will request additional info - proceed to Step 2, Step 3, and Step 4.

Step 2: Submit payroll and PPP documentation.

We will file the IRS documentation (941 amendments) needed to process the refund.

Once you send the documentation in the format requested, we approximate 4-6 weeks to complete the 941 amendments.

Step 3: Receive invoice for services.

Services cost $500 per quarter amended. You will be credited the $250 evaluation charge against the total amount of your invoice.

Step 4: Forms submitted to the IRS.

Once the invoice is paid, we will submit the 941 amendments to the IRS and provide you with a copy of the returns.