The price is right!

Evaluating Tuition for the New School Year

Setting and Increasing Your Rates

Webinar: Monday, August 14, 2023
4:30pm Pacific | 5:30pm Mountain | 6:30pm Central | 7:30pm Eastern

Setting the right price

If you’re wondering how much to charge your clients for childcare costs and are considering whether or not to increase your pricing, we'll cover the way to do it to increase your bottom line.
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Pricing should not be based on your current mood!

Your price should be based on your unique offering as well as factors related to the current economy and your local community. We've created a pricing method that will help you Know Your Numbers.

In this webinar, we’ll review factors you need to consider to determine your pricing this school year and beyond.

Market value: your selling points
Competition: your competitors’ selling points - and what makes you stand out
Local market: your clients and what they can afford to pay
Business costs: your output to keep your business operational

We’ll also talk about what leads to decreased profits and the consequences of not charging enough.

So if you’re considering raising your rates this school year or you just want to evaluate how to set fair pricing, join the discussion. You’ll gain an understanding of the selling points of your business - and your competitors - to understand your market value and set the right price.