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Know Your Numbers

Helping early childhood businesses grow in financial savvy and run a more profitable business.
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A course to overcome the number one obstacle in your business.

Knowing your numbers can build or break your business.

Understand Your Financials

Gain Peace of Mind

Grow Your Business

Your financials are supposed to guide you to make the best decisions for your business.

But instead of bringing you clarity, far too many businesses have confusion around their numbers - which creates stress.

  • You’re never quite sure if you’re doing it “right”
  • Translating your financials into real, actionable insights for your business can feel impossible
  • You aren’t sure how to plan for seasonality in your business
  • Everything about your books feels like you’re running on a hamster wheel
  • Strategic decisions to grow your business feel out of reach

You deserve to know your numbers well so that you can gain peace of mind and grow your business.

Course Outcomes:

Imagine growing your business with financial know-how

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to:
Understand your bottom-line basics:
  • Read and understand your financial statements
  • Understand how much you’re spending to acquire/bring in each student
  • Determine your minimum monthly revenue or minimum enrolled students to be successful
  • Use your numbers to uncover how to increase enrollment without overspending
Grow your profit:
  • Identify sneaky costs that eat away at your margins
  • Quickly identify problem areas that can kill your profitability
Use numbers to guide strategic decision-making:
  • Identify when it’s time to increase your rates and by how much.
  • When it is safe to expand, open new locations, and acquire already established schools or centers
Build Your Toolbox.
Keep using these tools for years to come:


Employee turnover calculator


Student turnover calculator

Revenue Planning

Average student lifetime calculator

Tuition Planning

Average monthly revenue per student calculator

Growth Planning

Multi-location planning cheat sheet
Course Requirements:

What do I need to have on hand to complete the course?

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In order to participate in Know Your Numbers, you’ll need the following on hand:

  • Income Statement (P&L) or Statement of Activity
  • Balance Sheets for the last 2 years or Statement of Financial Position
  • Student Roster w/ start dates
  • Employee Roster w/ start dates

If you do not have your last 2 years of books up to date, contact us, and we can get everything squared away for you in around 3 weeks for a flat fee.

Where should we send the guide?

Get the Free Guide

This guide is the start of the next chapter of your financial future.

The Know Your Numbers guide will help you understand the first steps in creating a more profitable childcare business. You will learn how to:

  • Set the right price
  • Understand business costs
  • Use your numbers to calculate your break-even point

Use this guide if:

  • You are great with kids, but wish you could fully understand your business finances.
  • You feel like financial goal setting is like aiming at a moving target.
  • You are overwhelmed when imagining what it would take to truly grow your business.

We understand your worries - and know how to guide you to business financial confidence.