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Meet HR compliance and minimize legal and financial risk.

An up-to-date employee handbook and HR documents are the bare essentials needed for your childcare center’s operations.

Get it all done with Mineral HR which gives you access to:

  • Customizable employee handbook builder
  • HR document library
  • HR toolkits
  • HR consultants

A subscription to Mineral HR will remove HR guesswork from your role and simplify management of evolving laws and best practices.

Tackle HR and compliance basics with Mineral Platform

Self Service HR

Build your HR foundation quickly and easily through self service libraries.Best for organizations with 1-5 employees.

  • Employee handbook builder with state regulations
  • Access to common HR documents and forms
  • Law library
  • State and federal law alerts
  • Training on-demand
  • State based HR law library
  • HR Advisor newsletter

$35 / month
$350 annually

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Rapid Response HR

Solve your HR issues with on-demand support from the industry’s team of certified HR professionals.

Best for organizations with fewer than 50 employees.

  • Everything included in self service HR +
  • On-demand consulting
  • Employee handbook builder with multi-state development and support
  • Harassment prevention training
  • Custom Job descriptions and documents
  • Live chat

$75 / month
$750 annually

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Every state has different laws, but the Mineral HR platform customizes the employee handbook builder, forms, and guidance based on your state and local regulations.

What do you need to know about exempt vs non exempt childcare employees?

Childcare HR policies are only as effective as what you have documented – and what your team members are aware of. read more.

You’re too busy to keep up with HR compliance.

So don’t!

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Manage workplace challenges with confidence. Ask your questions to certified HR professionals and get real answers.

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Childcare HR FAQ that can be answered by Mineral HR
Mineral HR has certified professionals in your state who can answer your questions as it relates to your unique business.
How do I know if an employee is exempt/vs non-exempt? What does being non-exempt mean for how I pay those employees? Who can I pay salary vs hourly to?
Can an employee that no-called/no-showed too many time claim unemployment?
Can I require an employee to use sick or vacation time before they start to take unpaid time off?
How many calls-ins before I require a doctor's note?
How do I handle excessive calls-ins? When can I terminate?
Can I prohibit employees from taking unpaid time off?
Do I still need to write up an employee if they are in the 90 day probationary period?
What records do I need to keep to prove voluntary resignation vs. termination? How long should I maintain records?
I have an employee who is scheduled on salary, who was here only for 1 hour. Do I have to pay the whole day?