10 Tips for your next Preschool Open House


What’s the secret to a successful preschool open house? Check out the following ten tips for hosting a great open house for your childcare center, daycare, or preschool and give them a try at your next event. Keep reading to find out more.

Tip #1 ✅ Choose the date and time wisely

When planning your preschool open house, be sure to pick a date and time that works well for most parents. Consider an early evening event on a weekday, before bedtime hours. Avoid holidays and holiday weekends, as well as Friday evenings and Sundays.

Tip #2 ✅ Market your event in advance

Give plenty of advance notice about your upcoming open house. Use your website and social media channels to advertise, as well as word-of-mouth, newsletters, flyers, and postcards. Promote your open house in local business bulletins, newspapers, and magazines.

Tip #3 ✅ Assign different roles to your childcare staff

Take stock of your childcare team and the different strengths each individual may bring to your open house. Appoint outgoing, friendly teachers to give tours and engage parents during question-and-answer sessions. Give quieter team members behind-the-scenes roles before, during, and after the event.

Tip #4 ✅ Use a sign-in sheet for parents

Provide a sign-in sheet to capture basic information about interested families who attend your open house. Include a space for contact information, including full name, phone number, and email address. Your sign-in sheet is a handy resource for following up with potential customers after the open house.

Tip #5 ✅ Provide activities for children

Be prepared to engage children who attend the event with their parents. Set up stations that reflect the kind of activities children may do during the day at your childcare center. Consider an infant/toddler station with building blocks, sensory bins, and other age-appropriate toys and a preschool/school-aged station with a seasonal craft or coloring pages.

Tip #6 ✅ Give out important information

Choose what kind of information you want to distribute at your preschool open house. Prepare welcome packets, registration paperwork, frequently-asked-questions, and your professional childcare center brochures, information booklets, or other marketing materials. Be sure to provide easy-to-find contact information for you or your childcare staff.

Tip #7 ✅ Create an enrollment incentive

Remember the goal of your open house event, which is to enroll new families at your early learning center. Create an enrollment incentive, such as a waived registration fee, for parents who sign up. Resist pressure and allow parents time to think it over by extending the offer for a couple of weeks after the open house.

Tip #8 ✅ Provide refreshments

Offer refreshments at your open house to create a warm and welcoming environment. Keep it simple by providing coffee, tea, and/or a seasonal beverage like hot cocoa and a snack. Healthy snacks from your daycare menu are great for adults and children alike and help showcase what kind of tasty, nutritious food you offer at your program.

Tip #9 ✅ Make a personal connection

Go the extra mile to make a personal connection with all the families who attend your event. Introduce yourself to parents and their children, make them feel comfortable and welcomed, and help them picture their children at your early learning center. Make a great first impression and be intentional.

Tip #10 ✅ Follow up

Be sure to follow up with attendees about a week after your open house event. Send an email blast or make phone calls to ask if parents have any additional questions about your childcare center. Remind them about the open house special on registration fees or other enrollment incentives and when they will expire.

We hope these ten actionable tips for a successful preschool open house will help you prepare for your best open house ever! Remember, it’s a good idea to host an open house a few times a year to accommodate the changing childcare needs of families in your area. Let us know how your open house goes in the comment section below.

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