10 Ways to Help Your Child Enjoy Summer Day Camp


If your child will be attending day camp this summer, then consider these ten tips for helping them have the best camp experience ever. Follow these guidelines to help ensure a safe, fun, and memorable day camp experience for your little one. Keep reading to find out more. 

  1. Attend the summer camp open house. Childcare centers may offer an open house for their upcoming summer camp programs, and you will want to take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the program, facility, and staff. If there isn’t an open house offered, then you will want to reach out ahead of time to introduce yourself and your child to the camp directors and counselors who will be caring for your child so they can keep you informed about your child’s well-being at summer camp.
  2. Read the informational material provided ahead of time. Be sure to thoroughly read and review all information pertaining to summer camp beforehand, including informational brochures and paperwork detailing policies, procedures, and schedule of activities. Talk with your child about what he or she can expect at day camp, including planned activities.  
  3. Provide emergency contact information, as well as medication and allergy information. You will be given a form to fill out for your child with emergency contact information and other critical details pertaining to your child’s care, and you should provide this information well before summer camp begins. In addition, if your child has specific medical or health-related needs, be sure to provide both the information and medication and/or supplies your child needs at summer camp.
  4. Provide other need-to-know information about your child. In addition to emergency contact, medication, and allergy information, be sure to share anything else about your child that may be relevant to the camp directors and/or counselors. You can specify these details on the form provided, or submit your own.
  5. Leave valuable items at home. Summer day camps are designed to provide your child with an enriching experience, so plan on leaving valuable electronics that otherwise may distract them or get lost, at home. Any other valuables should be kept at home, so they don’t get confiscated or lost. 
  6. Label all personal belongings. Any personal items brought to camp should be labeled with your child’s name, address, and phone number in case it gets left behind. This will also help avoid confusion if children bring duplicate items to camp. 
  7. Dress your child in appropriate attire. The best clothes for camp are those chosen with the weather, temperature, and day’s activities in mind. Don’t forget to choose proper footwear too; avoid strappy sandals, and opt for tennis shoes instead. 
  8. Apply insect repellent, as needed. If summer camp includes activities outdoors in nature, then be sure to apply a child-safe insect repellent before sending your child to camp for the day. In addition, check for ticks on your child’s skin, hair, clothing, and accessories after camp. 
  9. Apply sunscreen, as needed. In addition to insect repellent, be sure to apply sunscreen before your child spends time outdoors at summer camp. You’ll want his or her skin protected from the sunlight during the day’s activities. 
  10. Bring two water bottles. The first should be cold water from the refrigerator, and the second should be frozen. The second bottle can melt throughout the day and be ready for your child to drink after the first one has been finished. 

Finally, encourage your child to have fun throughout the summer camp experience. Get excited about summer camp together as a family by creating a calendar countdown ‘til camp days. Remind your son or daughter to enjoy camp, be respectful, obey the rules, and make lots of memories.

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