Outsourced CFO: Why You Should Consider an Outsourced CFO

Scaling a business is a herculean task. You need to hire talent, build a great product, and sell it. Along the way you need to develop the infrastructure to scale and grow your business. A CFO is key to that process, but you can’t afford one. An outsourced CFO can help you get your business to the next level without breaking the bank. Here are a few reasons why an outsourced CFO is right for your business.

Food Cost Calculator: Everything you Need to Know!

You might have heard about the importance of a food cost calculator, but how does it actually help you? Your end goal isn’t to figure out how much your food costs. It’s to boost your profits by setting smart prices and ordering in the right quantities. Here’s how to use your food cost calculator to get there.

The Complete Guide to Restaurant Accounting | HonestBuck Accounting

Why do so many restaurant owners hate doing accounts?

Often, it?s because they don?t see accounting as something that adds value to the business. Bookkeeping is one of the many admin tasks that pulls you away from where the real action is, in the kitchen and out front.

About Form 8846 | Honest Buck Accoutning

You can file Form 8846 if you meet two requirements. These requirements are:

  1. Your employees earned tips from customers for their service and/or delivery work at your food/beverage establishment where tipping is customary.

  2. You must pay employer Social Security and Medicare taxes on those tips.

Implementing Internal Accounting Controls in Restaurants | Honest Buck Accounting

Have you ever thought about Internal Accounting Controls? Your accountant may only be paying attention to the numbers. This can be very costly. Smart thieves can drain your accounts. They can take profits away from the business even though a CPA may be auditing the books. They will do things you never thought of. Every company’s goal is to turn profits. To do that, you must get your cash management under control.

All About Form 4070 | Honest Buck Accounting

Do your workers earn tips? If so, using Form 4070 from the IRS will help you keep the books accurate. This form acts as an “Employee’s Daily Record of Tips”. It enables you to track how much your employees are earning in tips each payroll period.

What Is Form 8027?

Hospitality is one industry where many employees earn the majority of their wages through tips. If you operate such a business, you will need to withhold taxes for your employees for the tips that they earn. This is in addition to what you withhold from their salary or hourly pay. Form 8027 is what you’ll use to report the tips employees earn.

A Comprehensive Guide to Form 4137

Workers who receive tips through their job must use Form 4137 as a means of reporting their earnings. We realize how confusing tax forms can be so here is a comprehensive guide to Form 4137. We’ll cover reporting tips, tip taxation, and everything needed to understand this form.