Childcare Management Software Spotlight: Kangarootime

September 26, 2022

If you’re looking for childcare management software to help you optimize your Early Childhood Education business, check out the following spotlight on Kangarootime. For years, we have recommended Procare to our clients as the gold standard of childcare management software, but recently we have been impressed by all Kangarootime has to offer. Read our feature article to learn more.

Kangarootime: An Overview

Who uses Kangarootime?

The product is designed especially for childcare center owners and directors, teachers, parents, after-school programs, and enterprise centers.

What are some highlights of the program?

Greater connectivity across your Early Childhood Education business. Kangarootime allows you to view data and information for multiple centers, making increased connectivity and reporting easier. Use the insights you gain to make informed decisions about your business.

Involve every member of your center. Connect parents, teachers, and administrators with one easy-to-use platform. Make your childcare team’s jobs easier, save time and effort, and increase communication with parents.

Everything you need in one platform. Kangarootime unites parent communication, billing and invoicing, reporting, enrollment, and more. Using Kangarootime saves you money, time, and resources.

What solutions does Kangarootime offer?

Childcare Management Tools – With Kangarootime, your childcare administration becomes simple and efficient. Easily manage child health checks, contactless check-in/out, child scheduling, attendance logs, allergy tracking, document management, family management, bus rosters, immunization tracking, lock down alerts, digital enrollment, and reports.

Billing and Payments – Kangarootime helps you automate your revenue cycle and gain deeper insight into your business. Automate financial processes like billing, subsidy billing, credit card processing, split payments, and reporting.

Parent Communication – With Kangarootime’s parent app, you can improve teacher-parent communication and strengthen relationships with the families you serve. The app features a gallery for photo-sharing, drop-off notes, upload center for documents and forms, document input, touchless facility access, messaging, SMS texting, mobile payments, and a calendar.

Classroom Management – Easily manage your classrooms’ ratios and children’s needs with Kangarootime’s classroom management tools, including child attendance, child scheduling, child enrollment, digital daily logs, document manager, classroom ratios, menus, alerts, child health checks, and an event calendar.

Childcare Subsidy Billing – Keep track of childcare subsidy payments and reimbursement with ease thanks to Kangarootime. The Subsidy Billing tool accommodates various requirements by state and also allows for weighting for Star Ratings. Save time, prevent gaps in care, access more precise data, and avoid revenue loss by viewing dashboards, billing plans, attendance, and reimbursement all from the same digital tool.

Staff Scheduling – There’s no need to stress about staff scheduling with Kangarootime. Make the most of your staff schedule, gain insights into time worked, track time logs and vacations, and more. Manage labor costs for your childcare center with employee scheduling, time logs and timesheets, employee profiles, and employee time off tracker. Organize data with custom tags, manage staffing for ongoing and temporary classes, set up a staff kiosk, and find tools for efficient onboarding.

PB&J TV Integration – Now Kangarootime offers seamless integration with video streaming solution, PB&J TV, the number one camera system and streaming app for childcare centers, daycares, and preschools. Increase safety and security at your childcare center through this exclusive partnership offering current subscribers and new users the first three months of PB&J service for free.

We especially love that Kangarootime continues to add more quality features on a regular basis. As an added bonus, you do not have to pay per administrator with Kangarootime, like you do with Procare.

Overall, if you are looking for an easy-to-use, affordable, and quality childcare management system, you may find it in Kangarootime. Check it out today!

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