Do These Things to Get Ready for Successful Summer Camps at Your Early Learning Center


Do These Things to Get Ready for Successful Summer Camps at Your Early Learning Center


Summer camp season is almost here! Get ready for your best summer camps ever with these five tips. Preparation is key to creating unforgettable summer camps at your early learning center, so get started with these actionable ideas today.

#1 – Assemble an Outstanding Summer Camp Team

Your childcare team members are an integral part of creating a memorable camp experience for campers and their families. Take stock of your childcare team and determine whether you need to hire additional summer staff to support a positive camp experience for all. Ideal summer camp staff should be qualified to work with children, passionate, enthusiastic, kind, and caring. Be sure to implement the same criminal background checks, reference checks, and other screening measures you would use to hire safe employees at any other time. Remember, your summer camp team members are not only childcare workers, but leaders, role models, and mentors to young children. 

#2 – Cast a Vision for Your Ideal Summer Camp Program

Envisioning your ideal summer camp and creating a roadmap for achieving your goals is absolutely paramount when it comes to implementing a successful summer camp. Choose camp themes with care, taking into consideration the message, lessons, ideas, take-aways, character traits, and educational experiences you want campers to build upon. Decide on a theme and supporting activities that will appeal to the ages and stages of the campers who will participate. Create a budget for summer camp, and stick to it throughout the planning process. Give yourself and your childcare team plenty of time to bring your ideal summer camp vision to life. 

#3 – Plan Ahead and Manage Logistics 

The planning efforts for your summer camp programs should begin months in advance. Do as much as possible ahead of time to simplify things for you and your childcare team. Decide on the activities, snacks, schedule, rainy day plans, field trips, and other logistics before summer camp begins. This way, when it’s time for campers to arrive, you and your team can focus on the children by implementing ideas you have already planned out. Doing so will help things to go more smoothly and help everyone have a great time. 

#4 – Prioritize Safety, Fun, and Communication

One of your top priorities for this year’s summer camps should be creating a safe, fun, and memorable camp experience for the children and their families. Do everything necessary to create a safe and secure environment, from the staff you hire, to the sanitation protocols you follow, and the emergency procedures you put in place. Make open communication with your summer camp team members and parents non-negotiable. Be sure to clearly communicate what families can expect from the summer camp experience, and in turn what you need from them, including emergency contact information, allergy/medication information, family member pick-up/drop-off information, and so on. 

#5 – Spread the Word 

Finally, decide which marketing strategies are best for you when it comes to spreading the word about your upcoming summer camp programs. Take advantage of free marketing avenues, including social media, word-of-mouth, and marketing materials sent home to your existing childcare families. In addition, be sure to stay within your marketing budget for other paid marketing opportunities, such as advertising in your local newspaper, community bulletin, or Google Ads. Set target metrics, including enrollment numbers and revenue goals, so you know what outcomes you are trying to achieve with your marketing efforts.

Prepare for your childcare center’s upcoming summer camps with these actionable tips, and you will be on your way to creating memorable experiences for your campers and their families. 

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