How to Create a Stand-Out Job Ad for Your Childcare Company

November 6, 2021

An effective job ad is key to attracting the right potential candidates to your childcare company. In the following guide, we discuss why a stand-out job ad matters, what elements make up an effective job ad, and how you can create a job ad that sets your company and open position apart from the rest. Read on to find out more.

Why Does a Stand-Out Job Ad Matter?

The hiring ad you create for an open position on your childcare business team is often the first impression potential employee candidates will have of your company. Since you don’t get a second chance at a first impression, you will want to make sure your job ad is the best it can be. Here are a few reasons why a stand-out job ad matters:

  • A well-written job ad attracts the right potential employee candidates to your childcare company.
  • An effective job ad can help you create an ideal candidate profile.
  • A well-written job ad gives you the opportunity to introduce your company mission, vision, values, and cultures to a pool of potential promising applicants.
  • Your stand-out job ad will help your position rise to the top of numerous job advertisements in the childcare market.
  • An effective job ad sets realistic expectations for you as the employer as well as for the potential employee, optimizing the chances for a successful hire.

As you can see, nailing your job ad is an integral part of the hiring process. The more time and effort you put into creating a stand-out job ad, the more likely you are to hire the right person for your childcare business team. Now let’s look at the components of an effective job ad.

Components of a Stand-Out Job Ad

No matter what industry, all effective job advertisements include the following components. You may choose to rearrange the order of these parts, but job seekers will be looking for the following information about your company and open position:

  • Position Title and Job Category – The position title and job category play a very important role in helping potential candidates find your job advertisement on job boards, like Indeed, Monster, and Zip Recruiter. Choose a clear position title, such as Childcare Center Director, Assistant Preschool Director, Early Childhood Education Teacher, or Bilingual Preschool Teacher. Think about the job titles your potential candidates will be typing into their Internet search engine. You can use these keywords to improve the rank of your job ad on job boards and get your advertisement in front of the right eyes. Also include whether the job is full-time, part-time, salary, or hourly.
  • Job Description – Here is where you will give a brief overview of the job position. What kind of role will the position fill? To whom on your childcare team does this position report? How does this position fit in with the other members of your childcare team? What is the reason for the hire and the primary goal of this position for your childcare company? Be direct and to the point here, summarizing the position in a short paragraph.
  • Job Responsibilities – This section spells out the day-to-day duties of the position. Keep the list of job responsibilities as direct and succinct as possible. Highlight the most important responsibilities of the role and eliminate unnecessary information. Keep in mind that potential employee candidates could be browsing dozens (or hundreds) of job ads just like yours. They are looking for key words and phrases to help them decide if they are a good fit for the job, and if it’s a good fit for them. The more you can pare down this section and keep it direct and to-the-point, the better. Use bullet points if desired.
  • Qualifications – Here is where you will state the prerequisites for the position. Include education requirements, certifications, professional experience, character traits, work style, and any other qualifications you feel are best suited for the position. You can include necessary qualifications, such as a degree in Early Childhood Education, as well as preferred qualifications, such as previous childcare work experience. Decide for yourself which qualifications are deal-breakers and which are negotiable.
  • Pay and Benefits – Don’t underestimate the importance of pay and benefits to potential candidates who read your job ad. Naturally, this is a huge factor prospective employees consider. Many employers will post a salary range, commensurate with experience, to give candidates an idea of what they could potentially earn. A pay range leaves you room for negotiation based on the individual’s qualifications. Also include your company’s benefits in this section. Health insurance, 401(k), paid time off, and other perks should be highlighted here.
  • Company Profile – A brief company profile either at the beginning of the job ad or the end can be a great way to make your advertisement outshine the rest. Provide a succinct description of your childcare company, including your company mission, vision, and values. Help prospective candidates picture themselves as a member of your childcare team by creating a brief but vivid picture of your childcare company.
  • Additional Information – Include any additional information relevant to the position, such as location, application instructions, and a general timeline of your hiring process for the position.

Creating a profile of your ideal job candidate and crafting a well-written job ad with all the essential components will prove invaluable to your childcare employee hiring process. Now we will offer a few best practices for creating a stand-out job ad.

Tips for Creating a Stand-Out Job Ad

Here are a few guidelines to follow as you put together future job ads for your childcare company:

  • Use key words. Put yourself in a job seeker’s shoes and imagine the key words and phrases that are most important to them. Use these key words and phrases strategically in your job ad, including the position title, job description, and job responsibilities.
  • Keep it brief and direct. Job seekers are looking through dozens and dozens of job ads just like yours. Most often they are skimming job ads for the most important information about the job. Keep your job ad direct and to-the-point to communicate the most essential information about your open position. Eliminate fluff and unnecessary details. Make the job ad as clear as possible.
  • Use personal language. Use personal words like “you” and “your” instead of impersonal words like “the ideal candidate” and “he or she” to help job seekers picture themselves in the role for which you are hiring.
  • Figure out what is most important to you. You will have an ideal candidate in mind for your position, then you will have a variety of applicants that fall somewhere within a range of your ideal. As you create your job ad, decide which items are non-negotiable and which can be compromised. As applications come in, this will help you avoid eliminating quality candidates who may not perfectly match your ideal.
  • Infuse personality. A boring, uninspiring job ad indicates a boring, uninspiring job. Infuse some life, personality, and enthusiasm into your job ad. Use descriptive words, action verbs, and vivid language to capture candidates’ attention and pique their interest about your job.

Creating a stand-out job ad for your childcare company takes practice. With time and intentionality, you can draft a stellar job ad that attracts top-quality candidates and leads to a great hire.

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