Procare Software Reviews and Pricing

But What Do Users Think About This Software? How Much Does It Cost?

The number of children in the United States is at an all-time high. There are now more than?23 million children under the age of 5, and the majority of these will attend daycare, preschool, or other childcare operations.?

School and childcare center managers find it difficult to maintain their services manually so use the latest software to streamline all the tasks associated with child management instead.?

Procare is a?childcare management system?that automates tuition collection, handles check-in and center security, and improves parent engagement in one fell swoop. But is this program worth your investment? What do users really think? And how much does it all cost??

This Procare software review will tell you everything you need to know.?

What is Procare?

Procare is software that expedites the tasks associated with childcare management ? finances, security, communications, you name it. Childcare centers, preschool, kindergarten, afterschool programs, school districts, daycare providers, child activity centers, and enrichment programs all use this software to handle many of the administrative tasks in child-centered businesses.

Procare software claims its software is the?most-recommended childcare management system since 1992. “Procare offers the most comprehensive suite of childcare software tools and services on the market,” the company says. “All daily management tasks are processed accurately, efficiently and easily, helping you operate your business more productively.”

How Does Procare Work?

Procare provides you with a?suite of childcare management tools?in one software solution, so you don’t have to use several different programs. Once you have created an account, you can access a wide range of features that will facilitate your child-centered business operations, from automatic billing to integrated accounting audit trails.

Most schools and childcare centers find this software easy to use, and there’s plenty of user support features if you need some extra help.?


There are various childcare management features that will benefit your childcare business. Here are some just some of them:

Tuition Express

This is one of the main selling points of the Procare system.?Tuition Express?makes it easier for parents and caregivers to make payments to your child-centered business. You can accept electric fund transfers, card payments, and fully automated payments online. This frees up resources and streamlines your accounting processes.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Instead of taking a manual register, Procare collects?time and attendance information?for timesheets and other records. Parents can authorize pick-ups from third-parties, and you can view child schedules with a few clicks of a mouse. It’s that simple.?

Parental Engagement

Research shows that parental involvement in school activities has?declined over the years. This is due to a number of factors. As a childcare provider, you can improve engagement by allowing parents to stay connected to their children throughout the day. The?KidsReports web-based service?provides parents with an interactive communications portal that lets them stay in touch with children at regular intervals.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are?three pricing plans?available ? Essential, Business, and Growth.

  • The Essential plan provides 60 family records for $99 per month (or $199/month without Processing Credit). This plan suits smaller childcare providers who need an easy management platform without any of the fuss.

  • The Business plan provides 90 family records for $149 per month ($249/month without Processing Credit)) and suits established providers.

  • The Growth plan provides unlimited family records for $199 per month ($299/month without Processing Credit) and suits expanding childcare operations.

The pricing plan you choose will depend on your budget and the scope of your childcare business.

Procare software also offers a one-time purchase option.?Contact the software company?to obtain a quote.

Customer Reviews

Currently, Procare holds a?4.4/5-star rating?on the popular review website G2, based on more than 20 reviews. This makes it one of the best-reviewed childcare management programs out there. Over on Software Advice, the platform holds a?4.64/5-star rating, based on more than 1,000 reviews.

What Do People Like About Procare?

“The amount of data you can retrieve and organize into reports is great,”?says one user, an administrator in education management. “Procare gives you so many options when creating reports, which is an integral part of our business. We also love the ease of using payroll and Tuition Express.”

“I really like that parents are able to log into Procare and view their account balance, payment history, and make a payment without my assistance,”?says another user, who works a center for young children. “It saves me time and energy and gets us the tuition payments quickly. Overall, I have had a very positive experience. The tech support is stellar!”

What Don’t People Like About Procare?

“I dislike the visual appeal of the program. I wish it looked a bit more modern and easier on the eyes. It?s all gray so it?s pretty boring,”?says one user, who works for a non-profit organization. “Improvements in the interface would be awesome and increased availability on tablets would be great too (and very convenient).”

“It’s missing some common-sense elements ? such as allowing families to enroll and complete all data for younger siblings. We have to do it on paper and enter the information manually,”?says another user.

Similar Programs

Family?is a piece of software that promotes stronger parental communication, initiative invoicing, and smarter childcare management.

Jackrabbit Care, another Procare alternative, provides you with the tools you need to make childcare center management easier.?

Like any digital tool, Procare software isn’t without its faults. However, reviews from users are generally positive, and there are several payment plans to suit different budgets. If you want to optimize childcare management in your organization, this program facilitates payments, improves parental engagement, and makes it easy to track attendance.?

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