Reconsider Your Payroll Needs: Find the Right Payroll Processing Solution for Your Childcare Business

November 6, 2021

Is your current payroll processing solution meeting the needs of your childcare business? In the following guide, learn about practical questions you can ask to assess whether it’s time to reconsider your payroll needs. We offer several payroll processing services that may be the right solution for your childcare company. Read on to find out more.

Ask These Questions to Determine Whether Your Current Payroll Processing Solution Is Working

Where does your childcare business currently stand with payroll processing? Asking yourself the following questions can help you determine whether it would be in your best interest to move on to a better payroll processing option. Begin by asking:

  • Am I struggling to keep up with the growth of my childcare company? A fast-growing childcare business can be a great sign, but if you are struggling to keep up with the evolving payroll processing needs of your company, it may be time to look for better options. Equipping yourself with the right tools and services will give you the ability to address the changing needs of your growing company. And that’s a great thing.
  • Am I finding it difficult to make time to do payroll processing for my childcare company? Maybe you have been trying to manage your childcare business payroll all by yourself. It may have worked in the beginning, but now you struggle on a regular basis to make time for payroll-related tasks. As you know, payroll processing mistakes can be very costly to your business. Payroll errors can erode your employees’ morale and result in steep fines from the IRS. If you are struggling to manage your payroll on your own, looking for a better solution is the right move to make.
  • Am I paying too much money for my current payroll processing service? You may be satisfied with your current payroll processing service, but it may be costing you too much money all the same. Is there a similar (or better) service out there that provides more value to your childcare business? It’s worth it to consider your options.

What if you have assessed your current payroll processing solution and determined that it’s not working for you? Next, we will offer several payroll processing solutions that may be a great option for your business.

Find a Payroll Processing Solution That Works for Your Childcare Business

Choosing a new service to meet your payroll processing needs is no small task. You want to go with a reputable service that adds value to your childcare company while protecting you against costly payroll processing mistakes. The following services are great options, and we recommend them regularly to our clients.

Do keep in mind that you don’t want to jump from payroll service to payroll service. Find a long-term solution that will work for you and if you are planning a switch, time it to occur on the first pay period of the year.

Quickbooks – Here’s another popular HR and payroll processing solution; so popular, in fact, that 1.4 million businesses rely on Quickbooks to manage payroll and file taxes. Below are some of the payroll processing advantages available to you through Quickbooks:

  • Tax penalty protection – Quickbooks will pay up to $25,000 if you make an error and receive a payroll tax penalty
  • Advanced time-tracking options for busy, on-the-go employers
  • Same-day direct deposit
  • Automatic payroll
  • Expert support – Experts are available to answer questions and review or complete your setup
  • Tax support – Quickbooks offers options to calculate, file, and pay your payroll taxes for you

Choose from a variety of plans and pricing options to meet the needs of your childcare business. Quickbooks is an affordable, reputable option for your payroll processing needs. Relying on Quickbooks may be the way to go for your childcare company.

Gusto – More than 200,000 businesses use Gusto to manage payroll processing, HR, employee benefits, time tracking, and more. Here’s how Gusto can help you with your payroll processing needs:

  • Automatic filing of payroll taxes with the right government agencies every time you run payroll
  • State tax registration in all fifty U.S. states
  • Auto calculations with fewer mistakes
  • No forgotten forms or signatures with online document storage and organization
  • Track lunches, breaks, and more

Gusto is a great, affordable choice for business owners who are looking for a user-friendly, seamless payroll processing and management solution. You can’t go wrong here.

Paychex – Yet another widely-used payroll and HR solution, Paychex pays one in twelve private sector employees. You will benefit from the payroll processing solutions offered by Paychex in the following ways:

  • Enter payroll in as few as two clicks
  • Access award-winning, 24/7 support and flexible services
  • Calculate, file, and pay payroll taxes accurately and effortlessly
  • Rely on more than 200 compliance experts to help you navigate ever-changing regulations

Paychex offers an easy transition from your current payroll processing solution. When you switch to Paychex, they work with you to collect the necessary paperwork and balance your year-to-date payroll data. Like ADP and Quickbooks, Paychex has received numerous awards from industry experts as a reliable and comprehensive HR and payroll processing solution. It’s another great choice for your childcare company.

Honest Buck Accounting – Your friendly, expert accountants specializing in childcare businesses! We would be remiss if we didn’t include the professional accounting services of the Honest Buck team as a viable option for your payroll processing needs (and all of your other childcare business accounting needs as well). Working with childcare business owners like you is our specialty, and when it comes to payroll processing, we help growing businesses streamline and simplify payroll processes and stay compliant with changing requirements.

Outsourcing your payroll processing and other accounting needs to a professional accounting service can be a great advantage to your childcare company. You can save time, money, and frustration when you put your childcare business finances in the hands of the experts. Schedule a call with us to chat with one of our knowledgeable accountants and learn how we can help you with your payroll processing needs today!

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