2023 Tax Document Checklists

January 16, 2023

What to Prepare for the 2023 Tax Season: Important Dates, Deadlines, and Documents

New year, new tax deadlines

The start of tax season is overwhelming, especially those of us who are self employed and have business taxes to consider.

As soon as the rush of the holiday season ends, tax season begins – and surely most people are not ready to organize an entire year’s worth of finances. However, it’s worth it to at least review the year’s tax deadlines and begin gathering your paperwork early.

Here are the important tax dates for 2023:

2023 Tax Document Checklists for general, self-employed, and rental property filing

If you work with an accountant then your financial life is surely a bit easier come tax season. But it’s up to you to set everyone up for success by preparing your accounting team with all of your documents – with plenty of time to spare before the April 18 deadline. 

You can use our easy to read 2023 Tax Checklists to help you understand everything you need to file general, self-employed, and rental property taxes.  

No matter how many times you file your taxes, it can be difficult to remember exactly what you need to provide especially as your business and assets expand. We hope that these 2023 Tax Checklists help you this year.

Maximizing self employment tax credits 

If you’re self-employed as a childcare provider or business owner, you may be eligible for large tax savings with the Employee Retention Credit, a benefit that is available to help businesses recoup Covid-19 losses.

We can help determine if you’re eligible and file your claim if your business qualifies.

You can also learn more about the Employee Retention Credit on our blog. 

Wishing you a stress free tax season

Here at Honest Buck, we want to make this tax season easier for you. We hope these 2023 Tax Checklists are helpful to organize your documents, claim all applicable tax credits, and file on time. Remember to lean on us and reach out if you have questions about preparing your documents.

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