Childcare Crm: Reviews and Pricing 2019

Running a daycare means you have a lot to keep up with. While the children are your main priority, you are still running a business and have to keep up with a variety of things. From marketing and customer service to billing and inventory – it is all part of any business. The thing about a childcare is that parents are trusting their children to your care. So, an excellent relationship with them is important. But what about potential customers too? Directors must be able to track and follow up their leads from initial inquiry through enrollment. From start to finish, wouldn’t it be nice to have something that helps with all of that? Is a CRM right for your business? Here is a guide to childcare CRM: reviews and pricing for 2019.

Brightwheel Reviews and Pricing

Brightwheel is a software as a service (SaaS) business which was initially known as KidCasa and was founded by Dave Vasen. Dave Vansen is an entrepreneur who was employed as an executive at AltSchool, a start up founded by an ex-Googler. Vansen featured on Shark Tank, a business reality television after raising $2.2 million from initial investors. On the show, the offers made for the company valued it at $9 million but it went on to raise a further $31 million and has significantly grown in terms of its client base and revenues ever since.

Daycare Marketing: 11 Daycare Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Daycare is a business like any other — marketing (good marketing, that is), is vital. However, marketing a daycare may be more complicated than you originally thought. You’re dealing with parents and their children, and that’s never easy! Read on to explore 11 great tips for marketing your daycare and see how you can best grow your business.

A Starter Guide to Daycare Accounting

Running a daycare is a fulfilling job, and important to parents who need someone watch their children. There are plenty of things to keep you busy at all times so making things easier is crucial to your peace of mind. And so that you can focus on other things – like the children trusted in your care. One way to make things easier on yourself is to have an accounting plan.

Here is a starter guide to daycare accounting and what you need to know.

Overhead Costs: Calculating Overhead Costs per Each Billable Hour

Any expenses that do not relate directly to your product or service, are considered overhead. If you make custom shirts, for example, the cost of the shirts and the ink is not overhead. Anything that is directly related to the product you sell is considered part of the product cost.

What Is Deferred Revenue? | Honest Buck Accounting

Deferred revenue, also known as “Unearned Revenues,” is how businesses classify revenue they have received that has not yet been earned. Customer deposits are an excellent example of unearned revenue. While your business may have the money in hand, you cannot count it on your earned income statement because it remains unearned. Therefore, it must be deferred to your balance sheet and reported as a liability.

Bench Accounting: Reviews, Pricing, and Alternatives | Honest Buck Accounting

Designed with small businesses in mind, Bench Accounting is a digital subscription that touts itself as a full-service online bookkeeping service. Subscribers gain access to a bookkeeper who works with them remotely to process bank statements, prepare other financial statements, and fulfill transactions on a monthly basis. If you’re considering Bench Accounting, it’s worth reviewing the service’s features, pricing, and comparable alternatives.